Zhongshan Yongwei Motor Co.,Ltd. is located at 1 Xingye road, Xiaolan, Zhongshan, Guangdong Province. The company has a professional team of doctors and masters, focusing on the development, production and sales of servo motors and drive systems. The company has independently designed and assembled 10 advanced production lines with an annual output value of 20 million units. The electric motors produced by the company have the advantages of high energy efficiency, long service life, small size and thin, low noise, etc. It is widely used in air purifier, fan lamps, floor fans, tower fans, cold fans, pipe fans, new fans, water purification booster pumps, range hoods, humidifiers, robots and other fields. The company with first-class Design Technology, first-class Manufacturing Process, first-class Quality Assurance, first-class  After sincerely provides customers with the most cost-effective products and overall solutions, aspires to be the best direct current motor manufacturer in the world.


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