The technical difficulties of the motor are mainly reflected in three aspects

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Fascia gun can be divided into three parts: body, motor, and power supply. Among them, the big impact on the price is undoubtedly the motor. The technical difficulties of the motor are mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

1. Speed
The speed determines the comfort of massage. At present, the speed of the car engine is usually 1000-3500r/min. For the fascia gun, it can reach 3200r/min is a very qualified level, and it has the function of downward adjustment, which is generally suitable for a variety of scenarios. Therefore, under the same conditions, the upper limit of the speed is high and can be adjusted to be optimal. This can be understood as the higher the gears and the more gears, the higher the quality of the motor. Of course, the human body has a certain tolerance limit, ordinary people. High tolerable 3200 rpm. Good, more than 3200 rpm, the body will be unbearable. This has a greater impact on prices.

2. Vibration
Vibration determines the comfort of the hand. During the rotation of the motor, vibration will inevitably occur due to the centripetal force, which will affect the comfort of hand operation. In order to avoid this situation, businesses generally increase the weight of the machine body to increase the inertia of the machine, thereby reducing the vibration of the motor vibration transmitted to the hand. Therefore, the weight of the machine needs to be kept in the hand and not tired, and the motor does not affect the operation of the hand when the motor is running. The method to increase the weight of the machine is effective to use materials with high density, high quality and good stability. To some extent, the material selection of the fuselage is affected, and the price will naturally deviate; this has a general impact on the price.

3. Noise
Noise determines the comfort of use. During use, the noise is intuitive, especially when massaging the shoulders, trapezius muscles and other parts, the noise has a large impact on the comfort of use. Therefore, at the same speed, low noise is better. There are two ways to reduce noise, one is to reduce noise fundamentally, and the other is to add sound insulation materials. The current fascia guns are all using... kinds of methods, which is the advantage of brushless motors.