What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing servo motors in 2020

The category:Focus information  Release time:2020-09-18
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When purchasing servo motors, in addition to considering product quality, brand, performance, model, and power. For servo motors, choosing the right supplier is also a very important criterion. We will discuss this in detail today.

Everyone should know that a good supplier will not only fully support you when you need it, but also provide a steady stream of goods. Especially the servo motor line has higher technical requirements. If you choose blindly without knowing whether the supplier can provide technical support at the beginning, it will cause later technical problems that cannot be solved. Therefore, when selecting a supplier of servo motors, we should consider the following points.

1. Whether there is enough inventory support to ensure the production and supply of customers
2. Are there professional and technical personnel responsible for answering and supporting technical questions?
3. The supplied products have quality ** and can provide warranty period.
4. Strong freight capacity, fast delivery

The above are the points to pay attention to when purchasing servo motors. Yongwei Motor has a professional team composed of doctors and masters, and has focused on the research and development, production and sales of servo motors and drive systems for many years. The company independently designed and assembled 10 production lines with an annual output value of 20 million units. The motors produced by the company have the advantages of high energy efficiency, long life, low noise, small size and thinness. Welcome to consult us.