The necessity of motor aging test

The category:Focus information  Release time:2020-09-18
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Why do we do aging tests? Product failures mostly occur in the initial and final stages, and the aging test can effectively solve product problems in the factory.

Most of the servo products that have just come out on the production line have the complete functions of their design and can be used directly, but why do they need to be aging tested? Product quality theory tells us that most product failures occur In the initial and final stages, the final stage is the normal life of the product, which cannot be controlled, but the initial stage can be controlled. It can be controlled within the factory gate. That is to do a full aging test before the product is delivered to the user to kill the problem In the factory, Jinyuantai Servo does this, but the copycat factory generally does not do the aging test, or the work of the aging test is handed over to the user, so we still often buy some products, and they will break after not using them. In fact, this is the result of the failure of the aging test. Since users have approved part of the work of the copycat factory, generally copycat products will be much cheaper.

The product quality theory says: "If a product can work continuously for one day without failure, then it is likely to work for one year without failure", so if you buy a product and use it for a few days without breaking, Then it may follow you for many years, in fact, this is the result of the aging test has passed.
In fact, the difference between regular manufacturers and copycat manufacturers is not too big, only a little bit: the availability and duration of product "aging tests".
I hope that all friends will pay attention to the aging problem of the products in the future purchase of servo and drive products to ensure our personal safety during use. Please rest assured to use Yongwei Motor's products.